We assist early stage business startups and founders in bringing their vision to life.

For founders to realise their vision, they need to tap into a network of advisors and overcome the challenges they will face in the fastest possible time. This includes putting themselves in an able position to have access to investors and professional services. Founders can then focus on building their game-changing ideas, technology and products.

Sparkplug is a 3-6 months programme to bring a viable product to market. This programme includes helping to build and launch a minimum viable product (MVP) with the core features you need to test the product-market fit and validate your concept. We get involved in key areas of the business, giving expert advice, professional services and connecting with potential investors.

We also allow startups to post their funding rounds to our investors network in return for a success fee on the round.

Sparkplug takes on smart and bright founders with viable businesses, products or ideas and help with securing investment to grow their business in an efficient and streamlined way.

The Process

1. Guided Scoping

We start with a detailed discussion and a brief to understand your vision for your idea, gather requirements and understand the business behind it.
- What are you building?
- Why are you building it?
- Who are you building it for?
- Who are your competitors?
- How does it make money?
- What are the future plans?

2. Concept and Strategy

This is the process where we map out your ideas from scratch to the final concept creation. This step includes finalisation about features, user engagement strategy, technology, marketing strategy, project timeline, etc.

3. Prototype/MVP Development

Build - measure - learn. We help to design and build a minimum viable product (MVP) to test with real users and validate your concept in the market.

4. Funding

Once we get a good idea on cost to bring your product to market and finalise how much investment is needed, we help to refine your pitch and can connect you with investors in our network.