Can you get funds without your startup being properly founded?

Can you get funds without your startup being properly founded?

Chances of you getting funded without validating your idea (solving a real problem, or finding a proven market fit) will be very difficult. Not impossible however, it depends on who you know.

Find out if your idea has real potential by getting to know your potential customers in two steps.

​1. Meet potential customers. Go out and talk to people who could be potential customers. The big advantage here is that you’re going to be able to get valuable feedback by being able to see people’s responses.

​2. Test close your prospects to determine whether they are just curious or real prospects with real pain points and willingness to buy your product/solution.

​Taking the steps above should also help with convincing people to help you develop your idea.

I suggest you first try to tap into your own network. Try to get an introduction to somebody who is a member of the group you want to sell to.

Even if you think there’s nobody in your network, spend some time exploring second- or third-degree connections. Somebody you know who knows somebody who knows somebody: A friend, An acquaintance, A family member, A co-worker, An ex-colleague, A former classmate, A former employer.

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