How to engage your audience by writing effective social media content

How to engage your audience by writing effective social media content

If you are publishing rubbish content and hoping for the best, you will struggle to maximize your social media output. There is so much noise on the main social media platforms, so it’s very easy for your content to get drowned in all the noise if you are not engaging your audience.

In mastering the art of social media marketing, having a clear content strategy is a must.

What do your consumers want?

Today, entertainment and escapism are prized above almost everything else. Information is cheap and plentiful. Consumers want infotainment, not information. You need to story tell around your content to make it enticing, don’t just put it out for passive consumption like a bland, boring and tasteless dish.

Lets take a look at apps for example. In general, the three most popular app categories are:

  1. Social networks, which tells you that people are interested in other people.
  2. Entertainment, including games, music, and travel apps. Which tells you that people want to escape.
  3. Utility, including maps, notepads, organizers, and weight loss management systems, which tells you that people value service.

Much of your content should fall within one of these three categories.

How do you write engaging content?

  1. Make it for your your audience, not for yourself. Be generous. Be informative. Be funny. Be inspiring. Be all the characteristics we enjoy in other human beings.
  2. Do not sell anything. That right! Do not sell them anything. You’re not asking your consumer for a commitment. You’re just sharing a moment together. Something funny, ridiculous, clever, dramatic, informative, or heartwarming. Maybe something featuring animals. Something, anything, except a sales pitch.

How do you tell your story in a noisy social media world?

Here are some questions to ask when creating your content.

  1. Is the text too long?
  2. Is it provocative, entertaining, or surprising?
  3. Is the photo striking and high-quality?
  4. Is your brand visible?
  5. Have you chosen the right format for the post?
  6. Is the call to action in the right place?
  7. Is this interesting in any way, to anyone? Really?
  8. Are you asking too much of the person consuming the content?

Final Thoughts

Skillful storytelling increases the likelihood that a person will share your content with a friend. Thus increasing the likelihood of that friend remembering your brand the next time he/she decides he/she needs whatever it is you sell.

Make it simple.
Make it memorable.
Make it inviting to look at.
Make it fun to read.

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