Corporate deal makers providing tailored solutions and advice to individuals and organisations in their personal and business endeavors.

With a team who have spent collectively over two decades working in technology, business development, financial services, strategic consulting and marketing for large corporations and startups, we understand the key factors to providing value in negotiating and arranging agreements in a deal.

We believe it's the relationship we have with our clients, how well we connect with them, understand their vision, and our ability to work hand in hand in realising their goals is what gives us the edge in generating success.



Afis Ajibike
Managing Director

12+ years of innovation and management consulting experience within a multitude of industries. Operating as a C-level executive for a number of companies.


Nurudeen Ajibike
Senior Advisor

Entrepreneur with vast experience within a multitude of industries and environments ranging from finance, business management, management consultancy, property & real estate, advisory, natural organic cosmetic resources, investments, public & private security.